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terça-feira, abril 26, 2005

(1611) Um Indie por dia #5

"A US Army sergeant who participated in the First World War now leads a rifle squad in the same division in which he's served, the First Infantry. The squad participates in combat action from storming Vichy French Africa into the long seige of Sicily and Italy, into D-Day at Omaha Beach, and onward through the push to Germany. Along the way the squad gets involved in several incidents with civilians, such as a French woman about to give birth and also in a firefight in an insane asylum. Throughout the war the Sergeant has engaged in a mini-battle of wills with Pvt. Griff, a semi-pacifist whose convictions are destroyed in a horrific scene amid the human genocide of a concentration camp in 1945." [trailer]

"Samuel Fuller's chronicle of World War II combat, based on his own experiences in the famous Army Infantry division that gives the film its title, has been painstakingly reconstructed. More than 40 minutes have been added to the version that was released in 1980."

Data de exibição: Dia 29 - 21:45 @ Cinema King.
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